Oral Medicine & Pathology

Differential Diagnosis Of Red Lesions of Oral Cavity

Red Lesions

  • These lesions are defined by the change of the mucosa, which turns red. An important feature of all these lesions is the epithelium being intact.




A) Generalized Erythema :


Generalised erythema is great areas of redness in the oral mucosa that could be spread to all oral sites as in

this case.

Generalised erythema may well be localised in one area, such as the gums as it is the case here


The ecchymoses and petechiae are small and widespread red lesions caused by haemorrhage in the mucous membranes. They tend to change colour over time. The difference with small haemangiomas, for which they might be mistaken, is that those do not disappear with vitropression.


B)  Localised red spots (single or multiple)


  • These are localised and distinguished only by the alteration of colour (genuine spots). If they are slightly on relief (red plaques) or depressed (atrophic), they have the same significance.

Single localised red spot


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