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Bad taste in mouth : Types, Causes and Treatment

The Bad taste in mouth ranges from metallic to salty or bitter sensation
it occurs mainly due to some underlying medical conditions or consumption of certain types of foods or tobacco.

Bad Taste in mouth
Causes of Bad Taste in Mouth:

smokers bad breath cure

1) Aging process in the elderly people.

2 ) Bad hygiene of the mouth: if you don’t maintain a good oral hygiene, your teeth and gums will be liable to diseases which will lead to bad taste in the mouth.
3 ) Tooth Decay
4 ) Smoking
5 ) Gum diseases
6 ) Taking Medications such as some brands of antibiotics, psychiatric drugs, gout medication and some cardiac medications.
7 ) Anxiety and psychological stresses.
8 ) Having Infections such as flu or sinus infection or upper respiratory tract infection.
9 ) Treatment with radiotherapy & chemotherapy to the region of head and neck for cancer treatment.
10 ) pregnancy: it occurs in the early stage of the pregnancy.
11 ) Salivary Glands Diseases.

Symptoms that occur with Bad Taste in Mouth:

1 ) GIT symptoms:
– Gases
– Abdominal pain
– burning sensation in the heart region.

bloating and bad breath

2 ) Salivary Gland Symptoms:
– inability to open your mouth completely.
– Fever
– dryness of your mouth
– facial pain.
– swelling in head and neck region

3) Sinus and Nasal Symptoms:
– Fever
– A sore throat .
– Tonsils inflammation.
– – increased Nasal discharge.

4 ) Symptoms that require immediate care:
– inability to breath.
– increased body temperature ( High Fever ).
– Weight Loss
– inability to see, hear or smell.
– Oral Cancer
– Stroke

types of the bad Taste in mouth:

– taste changes in mouth varies from metallic to sour or bitter taste

metallic taste in mouth

Causes of Metallic & Bitter Taste in your mouth:
Medications include antibiotics, blood pressure medications, glaucoma medications.
chemotherapy and radiotherapy lead to Vitamin deficiencies such as Vit.D or zinc.
Sinus Infections: due to infection, cold virus, or upper respiratory tract infection.
Central Nervous System Disorders: such as stroke, Bell’s Palsy, Alzheimer’s disease which could result in taste change in your mouth.
Pregnancy: due to some hormonal changes that happened during pregnancy.
Middle Ear Surgery: this may lead to metallic taste in your mouth due to trauma to the nerve that supplies the posterior two-thirds of the tongue which lies close to the inner ear.
Certain Diseases such as Diabetes
Yeast Infection ( Oral Thrush )

how to get rid of the metallic & Bitter taste in mouth ” reduce the metallic or bitter taste in mouth “:

1 ) maintain a good oral hygiene by frequent tooth brushing and flossing.
2 ) chew a sugar-free gum.
3 ) Eat your food in non-metallic dishes.
4 ) avoid tobacco smoking.
5 ) if you take any medications that cause taste change in your mouth you should consult your doctor
6 ) Brush your tongue: maintaining a good tongue hygiene helps to get rid of the harmful bacteria that causes the bitter or metallic taste in the mouth.

how to get rid of bad taste in mouth
7 ) Foods that would reduce the taste change in your mouth:
A ) Baking Soda:
– the baking soda is very effective to eliminate the metallic & bitter taste in your mouth.
– just mix a half spoon of baking soda with a glass of water and rinse your mouth with it.
B ) Apple Cider Vinegar:
– its sour taste will increase your salivation which will eliminate the metallic & bitter taste from your mouth.
– mix one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of water and drink it twice daily.
C ) Salt Water:
– very effective to reduce the metallic taste in your mouth, it inhibits the growth of the harmful bacteria in your mouth that increase the metallic & bitter taste in your mouth.
– mix one teaspoon of salt with one glass of water and rinse your mouth with it 2-3 times daily.

D ) Eat Citrus Fruits:
– such as lemons, oranges, grapefruits.