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Ceramic Braces : Advantages & Disadvantages

Ceramic Braces

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♦ Definition of the Ceramic Braces:

– It’s one of many types of orthodontic appliances that consist of archwire & bracket but differs from the metallic braces as it mimics the color of the tooth surface.

♦ Advantages of the Ceramic Braces ( Pros of the Ceramic Braces ):

metalic braces

Highly esthetic braces that are less noticeable as it mimics the color of the tooth enamel.
High stain resistance: The Ceramic Braces don’t stain but the elastic ligatures do.



♦ Disadvantages of the Ceramic Braces ( Cons of the Ceramic Braces ):

ceramic braces

High cost if compared to to the metallic braces.
Can’t absorb the forces as the metallic braces do which lead to ceramic braces fracture.
Time-consuming as it takes more visits if compared to the metallic braces.
Wearing of the opposing natural teeth if there is any contact between the ceramic braces & the teeth.
Handling by the orthodontist is more difficult if compared to the metallic braces.
Larger in size if compared to the metallic braces which make them more difficult to clean.
The possibility of irritating the soft tissues opposing the ceramic bracket such as lips & cheeks due to the sharpness of this braces.


♦ Staining Of The Ceramic Braces

brushing of the braces


– The Ceramic Braces are difficult to be stained but the elastic ligatures that hold the archwires attached to the brackets did.
How to prevent the staining of the elastic ligatures?
* Immediate tooth brushing following the meals: that prevents the food to be impacted between the teeth & braces which lead to tooth decay & staining.
* Avoid the foods containing red, yellow or dark colors such as Tomatoes, Mustard, Coffee, Soy Sauce, Dark Candy or Red Wine.
* Frequent change of the elastic ligatures: as we mentioned before the elastic ligatures are more subjected to stains so you need to change them frequently.
* Avoid Cigarettes & Tobacco smoking as it can cause yellow discoloration of the elastic ligatures beside staining of your teeth.
* Flossing & using of Mouth Wash agents: that is very important to keep your mouth clean by removing all the dirt that stick to your bracket.