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Periodontal Bacteria

Molecular Biological Analyses   1. Detection of Periodontal Bacteria – The bacterial flora in human dental plaque is diverse and complex, consisting of more than 700 bacterial species, whereas a… Read more »

Periodontal Diseases in Children and Adolescents

Periodontal Diseases in Children and Adolescents – Healthy gingivae in children are soft and slightly red as compared to those of adults since the blood vessels in connective tissues are… Read more »

Root Coverage Procedures

Root Coverage Procedures – Surgical procedures used in the treatment of recession defects may basically be classified as: (1) pedicle soft tissue graft procedures (2) free soft tissue graft procedures… Read more »

Gingival Recession : introduction , Classification , Index

 Gingival Recession     Introduction      Gingival recession is characterized by the displacement of the gingival margin apically from the cementoenamel junction, or CEJ, or from the former location of the… Read more »