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Removable Prostheses and Acrylic Resins

Acrylic Resins   A. What Is an Acrylic Resin? – Acrylic resins are hard, brittle, glassy polymers. – The commercial plastic called Plexiglas is an acrylic resin product. – Acrylic… Read more »

Materials used in fixed indirect restorations and prostheses

Classification by Amount of Tooth Structure Restored   A. Inlays – Inlays are intracoronal (inside the crown) restorations that replace small to medium amounts of tooth structure. – They are… Read more »

Gypsum Products in Dentistry: Types, Uses, Properties

 A. Use of Gypsum Products in Dentistry – Gypsum products are supplied as fine powders that are mixed with water to form a fluid mass that can be poured and… Read more »

Impression Materials

Impression Materials   A. General Comments – Impression materials are used to make replicas (models or casts) of teeth and other oral tissues. – In dentistry, we take impressions of… Read more »

Alginate Impression: Advantages, Manipulation, Properties

(( Alginate Impression ))  A. Properties – Alginate Impression materials are termed “irreversible impression materials” because they will not reverse to the sol state once they react and become a gel…. Read more »

Polysulfide impression material: Uses, Setting Reaction, Composition

Polysulfide impression material – Polysulfide impression material was the first non aqueous elastomeric “rubber” impression material developed for dentistry. – Often, polysulfide materials are called “rubber” or “rubber base” materials,… Read more »

Dental Cements

I. Use of Dental Cements – Each use of dental cement requires specific characteristics. – Luting materials need to be very fluid when being used to cement a crown and… Read more »