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Amalgam: Properties, Uses, Toxicity and Advantages

 What Is Dental Amalgam? Amalgam is a metal alloy of which one of the elements is mercury (Hg). Alloys are metals that are a combination of several elements. Dental amalgam… Read more »

Classifications of Dental Materials

  1. Classification by Use   – Materials used to replace lost oral tissues are called restorative materials. – As mentioned earlier, those that replace lost tooth structure and restore… Read more »

Treatment of oral diseases: ( Therapeutic protocols )

Herpetic Infection   Herpes zoster – Valaciclovir, 3 g, daily for 7 days. – Famciclovir 500 mg, daily for 7 days. – Aciclovir, 4 g, daily for 7-10 days. –… Read more »

Drugs used in the treatment of oral mucosal diseases

Analgesics   Acetyl-salicylic acid   Class – Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAIDs). Indications – Mild pain. Main side effects – Gastric irritation and interference with haemostasis. Contraindications – Peptic ulcer, bleeding,… Read more »

Tuberculosis of the masticator space: Imaging , clinical findings , pathology , treatment , epidemiology

        Tuberculosis of the masticator space   Epidemiology  There is an increase in the number of tuberculosis cases in the United States as a result of the… Read more »

Abscess Associated with Odontogenic Infection : Imaging , clinical findings , pathology , treatment , epidemiology

   Abscess Associated with Odontogenic Infection   Epidemiology  Dental infection and periodontal inflammation are common infections. They may result in mandibular osteomyelitis if appropriate therapy is delayed. Septicemia with resultant… Read more »

masticator space infections : Imaging , clinical findings , pathology , treatment , epidemiology

    masticator space infections   Epidemiology  The majority of masticator space infections are secondary to odontogenic infections. These patients are typically adolescents or adults with poor oral h ygiene…. Read more »

Denervation Atrophy : Imaging , clinical findings , pathology , treatment , epidemiology

     Denervation Atrophy   Epidemiology Adenocystic and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck have a propensiry for perineural infiltration. Because the masticator space has no mucosal surface,… Read more »

Benign Masseteric Muscle Hypertrophy : Imaging , clinical findings , pathology , treatment , epidemiology

  Benign Masseteric Muscle Hypertrophy   Epidemiology This is an uncommon entity that begins in adolescence or early adulthood and demonstrates slowly progressive enlargement of the affected muscles. Masseteric muscle… Read more »